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Made by mama, niðurbrjótanleg kaffihylki 10 stk (Latte)

Made by mama, niðurbrjótanleg kaffihylki 10 stk (Latte).

Hylkin passa í Nespresso vélar.

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The real Italian espresso coffee in biocapsules A unique and seductive taste with a powerful aroma and perfect crema, is the essence of the genuine Italian espresso from Made by Mama.
Latte - to us who love coffee with milk Brazilian and Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans, together with Indian Robusta, make our latte-blend, which gives a delicious powerful coffee maker with a good aromatic note. It is the taste of classic Italian coffee and with his intensity of 1 out of 1 and a dark roast, it is besides being a delicious espresso, perfect for coffee with milk, eg latte, cappuccino, flat white as well as to Lungo.

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