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Made by mama, Niðurbrjótanleg kaffihylki 10 stk. (Since 1939)

Made by mama, Niðurbrjótanleg kaffihylki 10 stk.(Since 1939)

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The real Italian espresso coffee in biocapsules A unique and seductive taste with a powerful aroma and perfect crema, is the essence of the genuine Italian espresso from Made by Mama. SINCE1939 - A true classic SINCE1939 is a coffee blend, which over the years has been developed to perfection. The coffee beans from Central America and Central Africa provide a full and balanced coffee with notes of dark chocolate and a perfect crema. SINCE1939 is darkly toasted and with its intensity of 8 out of 1, it is suitable for Espresso, Ristetto and with little milk.

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