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Made by Mama - Lífræn Trufflu ólífuolía 100 ml.

Made by Mama - Lífræn Trufflu ólífuolía 100 ml.

Lýsing frá framleiðanda:

We had long dreamed of good truffle products, but after tasting many, we had to admit that they were hard to find. Therefore, the joy was great when we met Laura and Fillippo at a truffle festival and tasted their products. The truffle oil fits perfectly in a pasta dish, over a risotto, an omelette or on a beef carpaccio.

The base for our flavored olive oils is our own cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil. Made from 100% naturally grown olives from our fields in Tuscany and developed in collaboration with the olive oil specialist, Lars Gehrig. The delicious olive oil is gently seasoned with essential oils.

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