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Made by mama linguette - rósmarín. 120 gr.

Linguette kex sem er fullkomið á ostabakkann eða með ítölskum mat í stað brauðs.


Our linguette, which in Italian means small tongues are here seasoned with sea salt and pink peppercorn - and is also available in a version with rosemary.

It provides an authentic taste of the traditional Italian bread bars as well as a good depth and aroma that makes them a delicious supplement to eg antipasti. Each linguette is lubricated in the hand and long-term baked to achieve the thin crispy texture and golden color.

In Italy you do not only eat linguette for antipasti, but also as a substitute for bread, for example to soup or for a salad. We recommend them with our truffle creams and in addition to our parmesan.

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