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Made by Mama ólífur - Piccanti 280 gr.

Blandaðar ólífur með steinum tilbúnar til framreiðslu. Í blöndu af extra hreinni ólífuolíu, jurtum, chili og lárviðarlaufi.

Lýsing frá framleiðanda:

Mixed ready-to-eat olives with spices and herbs in a bath of extra virgin olive oil.
Here you get the small flavorful Coquillo olives and large, firm green olives. They are set in extra virgin olive oil, spiced from a traditional Piedmontese family recipe with Italian herbs, chilli and laurel. In addition to antipasti, they are of course good in salads, on pizza, but also as a wonderful ingredient in stews and oven dishes.

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