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Made by mama - Trufflusalt 65 gr.

Truffle Salt Grinder 65 gr.

Lýsing frá framleiðanda:

Italian black summer truffle and aromatic salt make up our Truffle Salt Grinder. The high content of real truffle means that you immediately detect the luxurious taste and aroma of truffle. Truffle salt goes well with: soft-boiled/scrambled/fried eggs, avocado toast, omelettes, steak, over a risotto, on top of bruschetta with mozzarella/ricotta/mascarpone, on pasta with mushrooms or butter, and on many other dishes you may want to season with a dash of truffle. 

Its light and bright design fits into every home and is made from 100% recyclable material. The glass grinder will stand out in the kitchen or on the dining table, and it forms a perfect trio with our Pepper Mix and Truffle Salt. These are also a beautiful gift set.

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