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Made by mama - Hvítt balsamik edik 100 ml.

Made by mama - Hvítt balsamik edik frá Modena, 100 ml.

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White balsamic vinegar is one of the highest valued products in our kitchen. It is made from the grape variety Trebbiano and has aged five years on ash wood barrels. The ash wood dish gives the white balsamic scent and taste without changing its bright color. It has an intense taste and is at the same time sweet and mild. In this house we use it in dressings, for salads (it does not color the salad), cold soups and, in general, dishes that need to be rounded off with a little acidity and sweetness. The white balsamic vinegar is a must in our kitchen.

Modena, Italy is a perfect place for the production of white balsamic vinegar because it is humid and warm in summer and cold in winter. In Modena, the Malpighi family has been producing balsamic vinegar since 185, and today the family’s fifth generation that continues the their proud traditions. Unlike wine, white balsamic vinegar needs large temperature fluctuations. Therefore, the wooden barrels where the grapes are aged are located right up under the roof, where the temperature varies the most. Just before the white balsamic vinegar is bottled, a certified inspector checks whether the balsamic vinegar meets all requirements. Only then is it ready to be poured into bottles. The white balsamic vinegar is characterized by its clean, glossy appearance and by its intense and fruity aroma. It is Malpighi's uncompromising commitment to raw materials and their gastronomic expertise that provide this high quality balsamic.

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