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Made by mama - Parmesan ostur 27 mánaða, DOP vottaður. Ca 400 gr.

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Our Parmesan is real deal: Parmigiano Reggiano from a small town west of Modena in Italy. Here, three generations work with Mama Marisa. Their team has actually won the world's finest prize in the Parmesan category – namely SUPER GOLD over 2,472 other cheeses.

The cheese is aged for 27 months because this is where the balance between obesity and acidity is absolutely perfect.
Parmigiano Reggiano is made from 5% lean milk milked in the evening, and 5% fatty milk from morning milking. Add to this hard work and tenacity. Every cheese is turned and brushed once a week. Parmigiano Reggiano is broken into pieces of about 400 and 700 grams. The weight may fluctuate as it is not possible to control the weight precisely in the refractive. A lot of the pleasure is in the scent, so remember to smell the Parmesan before you sink your teeth into it. Break it with a real Parmesan knife and enjoy it with a good glass of red wine.


The first layer is a waxed piece of cheese paper with Made by Mama logos on it (you'll need to save that to store the cheese in later).
Next is a layer of vacuum plastic and a piece of paper, which absorbs the moisture of the cheese in the vacuum pack. You throw these two layers away after opening the cheese.
Cut the crust off your Parmigiano Reggiano and you'll slow down the maturation. Thus, the Parmesan retains the softer texture and good taste as long as possible. Wrap the cheese in the included cheese paper with Made by Mama logos on it, then refrigerate it in th freezer bag without closing the freezer bag. This way the Parmesan creates its own small microclimate and lasts as long as possible at its peak flavor.

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